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Greißlermuseum Greißlermuseum

We hope you enjoy your visit to the “Museum in the village” situated in the former house of the cattle drover. Through the inviting quadrangle (courtyard) you enter into the “Vermischte Warenhandlung Brüger” (founded in 1877) with the original main gate. Now you are in a shop with furniture from the promoterism period. Many of the exhibited dead articles are from the 100 year old stock. Of course there are numerous things hidden in the drawers. In the exhibition room above the old shop, we have rummaged around and exhibited a lot of interesting looking and strange objects. Here we also present you with the different milestones in the history of the community.

First Austrian Kitchen Museum


Facing the shop you will be in our “Erstes Österreichisches Küchenmuseum” an original kitchen of the sixties with “Lilienporcellan Daisy” (special chinaware) and many collectors items.

Inside both the other old kitchens you will see many affectionately assembled pieces from grandma´s times, especially the store cupboard with treats (recipes in our cookery books!), magnificent bins and a cupboard with hand sewn linen goods which are particularly striking. You will be astonished and surprised at the variety of kitchen and cooking utensils shown in our last exhibition room. Did you expect, among other things such a diversity of biscuit cutters? Make here an expedition in the “good old” time period.

Opening hours:

Palm Sunday up to All Saints Day respectively Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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